Ann Mastronardi Interior Design is a Design Service that offers many services in a comprehensive yet customized approach, for both residential and commercial needs. I have been collaborating with clients, trades, builders, architects and suppliers in the Leamington and Kingsville area, Lasalle, Windsor, Lakeshore, and Belle River areas offering exceptional design both indoor and out.  Working with architects started with building two of my own homes as well as designing homes for clients.  Custom presentation packages are available including paint selections and techniques, wallpaper selections, space planning and layout drawings, offering my own trades and contractors, as well, if needed. Studio finishes are also available including creative glazes, metallic faux finishes and unique effects that transform surfaces into works of art. 

I offer furniture selection, fabrics, window treatments, flooring, bedding, wall art and many other home accessories, tailoring each client to their own unique, individual needs and lifestyle. 

Design can be challenging, and I would love to hear about your project and how I may be of help.  Feel free to contact me by email or phone to discuss your personal design needs and book a consult.


Come explore all our Collections. Offering a wide selection of home decor, bedding, health and beauty products; both male and female,  art & fashion accessories. 

~~~Live the Wellness Lifestyle ~~~

Building a Brand With Meaning

I first want to start by saying, Thank You, for supporting me until now.  You, along with faith, are the reason I am able to make it this far.  I operate out of faith as success is never guaranteed.

It is not only important to do what you love, to go where your soul calls you, but to be receptive of change for the better. We are sometimes taught to follow a certain path, even if it’s not our own, but it is very important that you follow your own path, and seek your passion and happiness. The moment you learn this, is the moment you will reach your greatest potential.

In life, you are going to experience things that inspire you and things that you will never quite come to terms with and we may never understand why things happened the way they did; however, it has led me to where I am today.  

With the vision of empowering people to live healthier and happier, and in turn looking and feeling their best, I launched my ecommerce store.  Another step towards success. As a wellness advocate with an entrepreneurial spirit, I designed and developed my brand.

Design is a philosophy, it is about building a brand with meaning. It is about getting in touch with the rhythm of the planet, formatting your living space, adjusting the meridians of energy through your home and situating yourself in an empowering way and cultivating good flowing Chi, positive symbolism, much about the connection between your space and yourself.  It is about positive imagery, and feeling good.  Whatever challenges you have in life, usually manifest in your home in some way.  Looking deeper in the connections between yourself and your space and directing energy in ways that is most harmonious in terms of health, relationships, happiness etc. is so vital.  It is about connecting the dots.  Our home tells our story.

October is small business month in Canada, so there is no time like the present to take advantage of a fresh start.

Throughout the years, I have built an incredible clientele with a meaningful and rewarding career serving my clients, which I am very thankful for, and my clients are the soul of my business and my brand. 

Now, it's time to welcome you to visit my site. 


“This fabulous designer is located in Leamington, Ontario. To see her work and attention to detail follow her on Instagram & Facebook @annmastronardiinteriordesign.

I was highly satisfied with my kitchen renovation thanks to the collaborative effort of my designer. She has managed to orchestrate the entire project to complement my style into a functional, elegant design.  Love my cabinetry in my new kitchen and dining room. Whether you are seeking classic elegance, transitional, modern farmhouse, Chic or clean contemporary design, Ann has extensive knowledge in every aspect of the design phase and a keen sense of décor style. Always punctual, reliable, and oversees every project with a sophisticated approach along with attention to detail being key in her design projects.

She truly has a unique talent and we wish her the best with her new venture.

Thank you so much for your hard work.”